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Insight for a Successful Townhome Household Move

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Moving your household is an event in your life that you want to plan for and arrange for the necessary professional services to make the move go more smoothly. If you are moving into a townhome, you will have several flights of stairs to maneuver in the physical move, in addition to planning an entire move and relocation from your old residence to the new place. Here are some tips to help you plan for and execute your upcoming townhome move.

Take Measurements Prior to Moving

As you are planning for your move and packing up your household items, it is best that you have a plan for furniture when you move into your new townhome. As the movers carry your furniture and other large items into your new place, they will ask you where you want each item. To prepare for this, take measurements of each room and know which item goes into which room so you can easily guide them. 

Make a list of your furniture and where it all goes, and make a label sign on each bedroom door in the home so the movers know which room is which for furniture placement. Also, when the movers provide you with furniture set-up services, you can tell them exactly where in the room you want it placed. You don't want to realize after the movers have left that a piece of furniture was placed wrong, especially when you can't move it easily on your own.

Look at Set-Up Arrangements

Once you are moved into the new townhome, have some preparations beforehand so that you have your privacy established on the first night there. Townhomes tend to have windows that face the street or other open public space, such as a common area in the townhome's community, so check out the type of window coverings the townhome has installed. You don't want to have your living room window, for example, face a front walkway of the property where residents taking a walk will be able to look into your home.

Most townhomes will have window shades or blinds that you can easily close to provide privacy. However, some rooms may not have any window coverings and you will need to install your own in the form of curtains or draperies. If you are renting, you can talk to the landlord about installing window blinds in rooms lacking them so you can move in and not have to worry about this detail along with all the other moving arrangements. Or, arrange to purchase and install blinds before your move-in date.

Reach out to a local townhome moving service to learn more.