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3 Ways To Discreetly Add More Security To A Mini Storage Unit

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Additional security can make it much easier to leave your belongings in a mini storage unit for any length of time. Although most storage facilities provide some security features, you can add some new features to ease you into this new experience comfortably. 

Good security is essential whether you're storing expensive items that you want to protect or you mainly intend to use the storage unit for seasonal items. By keeping this in mind, you can make the most of the storage unit you choose.  

Pick a Unit Near the Entrance

Having plenty of light and people around can deter burglars since they likely want an easy target. Picking a storage unit that's as close to the entrance as possible can help you feel confident in how secure it is. This can deter criminals while making reaching your storage unit as convenient as possible for you. 

When touring a storage facility or asking questions over the phone, you need to understand the location of the storage unit within the facility. Checking if there are cameras and proper lighting near the locked entrance can also help you feel good that nobody except yourself can access your items. 

Add a Remote Alarm for the Door

Having an alarm sound when the door to your storage unit opens is crucial since it can scare off anyone trying to get inside. Instead of having it go off every time you need to reach items inside, you can choose an alarm that comes with a remote control so it can shut off with ease.

Checking if personal alarms are allowed at the storage facility and considering how loud the sounds are for each can help you decide what to purchase for your mini unit.

Check if Insurance Is an Option 

Suppose you're eager to protect your belongings, even in a mini storage unit. In that case, you need to see whether the storage facility provides insurance. With insurance covering the value of your stored belongings, there won't be as many security concerns. You'll also be able to decide if you need to spend extra on getting a different insurance plan. 

Keeping your belongings secure in a mini storage unit can be easier when you take the initiative to add some more features on your own. Instead of worrying that your belongings are vulnerable in storage for the first time, the above tips can make it easy to add more security.