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Are You Moving With A Toddler? Hiring A Moving Company And More

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How can you make your next move easy with a toddler? If this is your first time moving with a child who is newly mobile, take a look at what you need to know about hiring a moving company, prep, and packing.

Find Plenty of Help

You don't have to tackle the prep, packing, planning, and moving processes by yourself. Your toddler requires constant attention. But the move will take your focus away from your family and put it on the tasks at hand. How can you balance your toddler's needs with your move? To make the move easier on everyone involved:

  • Hire a sitter. A babysitter or nanny can take the pressure off you and make the moving process easier for everyone. Whether your neighbor's teenager watches your two-year-old or you hire a professional service, a packing-day sitter can keep your tot busy.
  • Ask friends and family to help. Friends and family may want to pitch in and help with your move. From watching your toddler to helping you pack, your loved ones can make your move stress-free.
  • Hire local movers. A moving contractor can help you to organize, lift, and transport everything you own. A professional service gives you time to spend with your toddler.

Even though the moving contractor will tackle the bulk of the work, you still need to pack and prep everything for the big day. Involve your toddler in this process and giving them simple tasks, such as placing toys in a bin or pressing label stickers onto boxes.

Toddler-Proof Your Move

You may have already baby-proofed your home. Now that you're in the middle of a move, you may not be sure if you should leave these protective items up or pack them away right now. How can you increase safety and decrease household risks during the packing process? To toddler-proof your move:

  • Supervise your toddler. There's no substitute for supervision. Whether you hire a sitter, ask a family member to come over, or have a teenager who can watch your child, close and constant supervision is the best way to protect your toddler as your pack and during the move.
  • Pack babyproofing items last. Leave the doorknob covers, gates, electrical outlet covers, and other safety items where they are for now. Wait until the last minute to pack these risk-reducing picks.
  • Use bins with lids or tape on boxes. Use tight-fitting lids on plastic bins and seal boxes with packing tape to keep your toddler away from sharp, fragile, or potentially hazardous items.

After you pack, move the boxes, bins, and bags to remove with a door and a lock until the movers arrive. This physical separation keeps your toddler far away from the containers, increasing mid-move safety. Contact a moving company for more information.