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Preparing Your Long Distance Moving Checklist

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Long distance moving is one of the most exciting and challenging tasks you can tackle. Well before the team from the long distance moving company shows up, you need to start planning. Here are some items that should be on your checklist prior to beginning a move.

Very Early Preparations

About 8 weeks before you get going with a move, you should be getting basic preparations in order. You'll want to get quotes from more than one long distance moving company. Once you've narrowed down your list to a few firms, it's best to request an in-home walkthrough and to get an estimate.

Start itemizing the stuff that's going in the move. Take this time to declare war on clutter, too. Figure out what are the things you truly can't leave behind versus the stuff that can easily go to Goodwill, go in a yard sale, or end up on eBay.

Be realistic about what you can readily reacquire when you get to your destination. Your collection of half-used shampoo bottles, for example, is probably going to present more problems than it solves during a relocation effort.

A Few Weeks Later

Once you're down to about four weeks out from a move, it's time to start packing. Get free boxes, and talk with the long distance moving company about packing materials they offer. Start clearly labeling boxes that items go in, and make sure fragile items are clearly noted. Include information about where each box came from and where it is going. Likewise, create a list of all the items so you can do an inventory when you settle in.

Take photos of all your valuables and electronics. If you end up filing an insurance claim, these will be extremely helpful.

Make sure any vehicles you're taking on the move have been fully serviced. It's best to find a problem four weeks out than to discover it halfway across the country.

The Week of the Move

A few days in advance, disconnect any appliances that need to be defrosted and cleaned. Drain the water from any lines. Yes, you may have to rough it with takeout for a few days, but it beats fighting with appliances and utilities on moving day.

Withdraw cash to ensure you have money to address unexpected expenses. Also, the movers assisting you would probably appreciate a tip for a job well done when it's all over.