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3 Keys To Working With A Residential Moving Company

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Moving comes with its fair share of stress, but you can better manage it by hiring a residential moving company. They can lift heavy objects safely and make this transition go by quickly. To take full advantage of these moving services, use these tips. 

Compare Prices 

You don't just want to work with the first residential moving company you find listed online. Instead, you need to compare multiple companies and see what their costs are. Typically, you can get fairly accurate moving quotes online by entering in some personal information.

Once you have several quotes calculated, compare them to see which residential moving company offers the best rate. If there's a particular company you want to work with that isn't the most affordable, you may try showing them competitor rates to see if they'll match. 

Verify Insurance 

A huge factor that separates good moving companies from bad is insurance. You'll need this insurance should something happen to your possessions during this life transition. If a residential moving company offers insurance, the company will be listed on their website.

What you'll need to do then is call their insurance company directly to ensure the policy is legitimate. Pay attention to what type of insurance is offered. Some companies insure items by weight while others insure items up to their full value. The latter is a more comprehensive policy, but you'll have to pay significantly more for it. 

Handle Fragile Items Yourself 

Even though residential movers are experienced handling various items, it's probably better to move fragile items yourself. This way, you can take extra precautions and ensure they don't get misplaced or damaged throughout this process.

For items like glass and pottery, it's a good idea to place them in bubble-wrap. It helps you better secure items in boxes so they don't jostle around when you're in motion. You should also mark fragile items off -- so you know to control your movements better when transitioning into the new place. After you've loaded up your vehicle with several boxes of fragile items, wrap your seat belts around them. They will then remain in place, even if you press on the brakes quickly.

If you're dreading an upcoming move, just know that it doesn't have to get the best of you. All you need to do to prevail is take the right precautions when working with a residential moving company. You can then sit back while these moving experts do their magic. Contact companies like Fairfax  Transfer and Storage Inc to get started.