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Planning On A Winter Move? How To Prepare For Moving In The Snow

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Moving during the winter is no small feat, especially if it snows in your neck-of-the-woods. Winter moving can be difficult in areas where it rains a lot, that's for sure. However, there's an added layer of work, worry, and frustration when you're trying to move in the snow. If you're planning winter move, and there's the possibility of snow, here are four tricks that will help you make it through:

Plan for Weather Changes

If you may have to deal with snow while you're moving, make sure you plan for weather changes, and pad your schedule. Planning for weather changes, and giving yourself some additional time, will allow you to adjust your schedule as needed. For instance, if you're moving due to a job relocation, and you already have a start date for your new job, give yourself several extra days to accommodate for unexpected snow delays. Padding your schedule will give you some flexibility, and reduce your weather-related stress.

Request Drop-Off Containers

If you're going to be using a moving company, request drop-off containers. Many moving companies will drop off large shipping containers for you to fill with your belongings. Once your shipping containers are filled, you call the moving company to schedule a pickup. This service is particularly beneficial if you're going to be moving during a snowstorm. You can arrange to have your belongings picked up, and then stay behind for a couple of days to wait out the storm.

Clear the Pathways

It might not seem like much, but if you're moving in the snow, make sure your pathways are clear. On moving day, get up and clear your driveway and sidewalks. Be sure to apply a generous coat of de-icing pellets. This will prevent injuries while your belongings are being moved out of your home. Once you get to your new location, make sure you do the same thing there. You don't want to fall and injure yourself while you're moving into your new home. Not only that, but clearing the snow and the ice will keep your moving crew safe too.

Make Sure Your Utilities Are On

If you're going to be moving in the middle of winter, you want your new home to be warm when you get there, or at least shortly after you arrive. Unfortunately, if your utilities haven't been turned on yet, you're going to receive a very cold welcome from your new home. About a week before you're due to move, contact the utility companies and make sure your utility services have been connected. Calling a week in advance will give you time to take care of any unforeseen problems before you arrive.

Contact local movers for more information and assistance.