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Hire Movers To Take Care Of These Items, Even If You're Doing Your Own Move

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Some homeowners wish to take care of each element of their move, rather than enlisting the services of movers. While this do-it-yourself approach can be worthwhile, it's also important to know when you need professional moving services. There's nothing wrong with calling a local moving service to have them help with a handful of items that are especially cumbersome for you to move on your own. The crew can arrive on moving day and take care of these items while you tend to other matters. The crew can then safely deliver these things to your new home. Here are some things for which you should get help.

Gun Safe

A full-sized gun safe can weight several hundred pounds, making it all but impossible for the average homeowner — even when accompanied by a few friends — to move on his or her own. Instead of wrestling with this item and wasting time that you could otherwise dedicate to other parts of your move, it's better to have your moving crew look after the gun safe. The crew's combination of strength, experience, and the right tools — including arm straps and a wheeled cart — will allow the gun safe to be moved safely and in a timely manner.

Grandfather Clock

If you own a grandfather clock, it's probably one of the more fragile possessions in your home. It's also heavy and difficult to move with ease, which makes it a perfect task for your local moving professionals. They may partially disassemble the clock for safety, as well as secure the pendulum and other moving elements with bubble wrap or other packing materials. They may then wrap the clock in moving blankets, load it onto a dolly, and carefully wheel it onto the moving truck, where they'll strap it against the wall for stability during transit.

Glass Cabinets

If you have several large glass cabinets in your home, perhaps to display fine china in your dining room, these pieces of furniture can be difficult to move. You should concentrate on emptying them and securely packing their contents for the move, while allowing your movers to move the actual pieces. Many such cabinets include several components that are attached to each other, so your moving professionals will need to disassemble the individual pieces, as well as secure everything for safe transit. If you have any additional large and difficult items that you don't feel confident moving, be sure to add them to the to-do list for your movers.